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Most Harmful Seller Mistakes

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Most Harmful Seller Mistakes Ever!

1. Turning down showing requests! You only need one buyer, what if that was the one? These day’s buyers rarely come back around because there’s tons of inventory. Selling your home isn’t convenient. Just say yes.

2. Not neutralizing paint colors in the home because of the expense. Paint is the most inexpensive solution with the highest return on investment. Please do yourself a favor and bite the bullet.

3. Miss-matched appliances and dated cabinetry. Kitchens are a very important selling focus of every home.

4. Not pricing the home according to the market and condition of the home. The market is controlled by buyers and other sellers in your area. The numbers on the page don’t lie.

5. Smoking in the home! Smoke outside or in the garage until home is sold.

6. Not removing pets. Some people are just afraid of animals no matter how nice your pet is. You don’t want the buyers attention focused on your animal instead of your house.

7. Being home for showings… makes the buyer super uncomfortable. Not good.

8. Clean and odor free. Seems obvious but they’re still out there. Hire a service for a one time cleaning.

9. Home improvement jobs done poorly. If you are finishing a basement, adding a bathroom, flooring, a brick patio, retaining walls, deck etc. etc. do not under-estimate the value of having it done right by a professional. A poor job will cost dearly when you decide to sell your home.

10. Rushing to put the home up for sale. Get the home in order first! Buyers have the most interest in newer listings. Don’t cut corners to save a week. 1st impressions to both buyers and other agents are lasting.

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