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Agent from Hell

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I blogged this story a some time ago but just in case you missed it I thought it was worth a re-post.


Here’s a story about the agent you probably don’t want in your corner when selling a home… It’s a true story about an experience I had and frankly I couldn’t believe it myself……


I am out with a buyer touring homes. We walk past a sign on a home we don’t remember seeing on our MLS or online search. I tell the client I will look into it as I jot down the address.  I get back to my office and find that the property address isn’t listed in the MLS so I Google it and again nothing.  Then I Google the real estate company name and again nothing.  Yep, you are reading this right not only is the property not listed anywhere online or MLS but neither is the real estate company representing the property.  Is it really for sale? This is the 21st century and a home for sale has no online presence? Hardly seems plausible!


I was planning to call the company the next day and the property listing shows up in a local newspaper. It is for sale after all! I call right away to inquire about the property.  The agent selling the property faxes over an info sheet and verbally says they are looking to work with other agents. The agent just isn’t part of any of the local boards or MLS and is marketing the home via print only.  The marketing is another whole issue but moving on…. I tell my client and they decide they would like to see it.


I call back to get some final details from the agent (normal realtor stuff) and a written confirmation they want to work with other buyer’s agents as they mentioned over the phone earlier.  Out of nowhere the listing agent becomes irate and starts screaming that they have been in the business for 100 years (exaggeration but you get the point) and verbal commitments are all they give, take it or leave it!


Wow! I didn’t ask for your first born, really my request was just basic run of the mill real estate stuff that you should be used to after your 100 years in real estate! Remember, I am just trying to show a home to a very interested buyer who has $$$$$.  As agents we all have to work together to provide the best exposure for our clients.  Does this seller know how their agent is treating other professionals who are representing active buyers interested in their home?


I shared all the information with my buyer (full disclosure always) and as a professional myself said I would get them in that property regardless of the agent.  I let 24 hours cooling time pass and then called to set an appointment for the property.  The agent said I could show it and the door would be unlocked.  Not a word mentioned, which is just as well.  My only hope is that we are on time since the home will be left unlocked.  Surely they at least came just before our appointment time. I locked up the home when we left.


The story ends that my client liked 2 other properties in the same community more so it wasn’t a consideration. The agent never followed up with me to see if my clients had any interest. Nor did they request any feedback about how it stacked up to the competition.



It’s sad but I bet the seller will never know how their transaction is being handled.  Maybe I would be surprised to find out the seller is fine with it… who knows! But more importantly would you want it for yourself ? Hopefully not, we believe the public deserves better!


Have a great week!

Nicole and Tony


P.S. We do not feel this one instance represents agents as a whole. There are a lot of great professionals in the industry ,,,,including us!