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Buyers & Sellers …Keep More Of Your Money!

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Thinking of buying or selling in 2012? We can help you keep more of your money. Here’s how…

It’s advising sellers if they suggest countering on a buyers offer too low rather than just agreeing with the seller just to get the deal done.

Or how about a buyer who suggests an offer price that we discover through due diligence is tens of thousands too high! The sellers side will love it and surely the deal would come together but it’s just not right.

It may mean more work but we treat you right and negotiate hard on your behalf. Your best interest will always come before our pocketbook!



I have had the privilege of selling a home through Nicole and Tony, as well as buying a home with their assistance. I would not hesitate to use their services in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in their service area. As a first time seller, they provided us with the information we needed to make good choices about what to enhance, how to stage, realistic comps, starting price, etc. At the same time, there was never the feeling that we were not in complete control of the sale.

On the buy side, Nicole and Tony were flexible when we had last minute schedule interruptions, selected some great houses to show us and did a good job helping us qualify candidate homes by paying attention to our feedback and reaction to homes we’d discussed or been shown. When we settled on a house, we all discussed and agreed on a strategy and stuck to that strategy throughout negotiations. There was never any pressure to stray from the game plan to speed things up.

If you are looking to work with a team that operates with honesty, integrity, and professionalism, as well as benefit from years of industry experience and a strong set of negotiating skills, then you should be sure to include Nicole and Tony on your list of realtors to interview prior to making your next transaction.

Clients J&K

Have a great week! If you know someone who needs residential real estate advice please share my name with them!

Nicole and Tony

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