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Sellers! Do You Really Care Who Has Your Buyer?

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Instinctively your answer is no, right?  You just want to sell your house for the most money to the buyer who will pay it.  In order to accomplish that goal you hired a real estate agent to negotiate your best possible deal, right?  What if the agent you are using to sell your house also has your buyer? Perfect is what most people think and some agents even use that perception as an angle to land your listing. If your listing agent also has your buyer I have 2 questions;

1. How is your listing agent is going to get you the highest price while getting their buyer the lowest price? Exactly, they can’t!

2. With over 11,000 agents in just the Western Suburbs of Chicago and over 78,000 residential houses for sale in the MLS what are the chances your listing agent has your buyer? Exactly, Slim!

It’s called Dual Agency and you just signed up for it when you say you didn’t care who brought you the buyer.  It’s illegal in many states but in IL as long as it’s disclosed and agreed to by both parties it’s allowed.  If you do allow dual agency please also know that you are giving up your representation of sorts because the agent has to become a neutral party in the contract negotiations. They can only communicate factual data, no opinions or suggestions. Frankly I say that what’s the point!  Isn’t representation a HUGE part of what you are paying for?


Wheatland Realty doesn’t believe in dual agency.  I did it once because both parties insisted and they are both happy but I will never do it again. I believe as part of my services you have a right to my undivided loyalty!  Call me crazy or The Cure for the Common Agent!


My best to you as always,

Nicole Tudisco, Broker/Owner, CSC ,CNC ,SFR, CDPE, e-PRO. 5 Star Agent Chicago Magazine 2011

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