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Buying A Home? How Many Real Estate Agents Should You Use?

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Just yesterday a potential buyer called me about a home they saw on Zillow.com in Naperville.  After some discussion she wanted me to show it to her. The first question I always ask is if she was already working with another real estate agent.  She said, “Yes, but she is in St. Charles Area and I want to look in Naperville now.”  I think it’s common that buyers think they have to use a different agent for each area but that isn’t true. 

Though you certainly should get a local agent ( but that doesn’t mean for every single suburb) sometimes the integrity and your comfort level with the agent matters most. Remember anyone can unlock doors but you want an agent who will stand in your corner and negotiate the house of your dreams to your best possible terms and conditions.   When you use one agent we can come to understand your needs best and then guide you most appropriately.  If you bounce from agent to agent you will lose out on having any one agent with a full understanding of your needs and wants.

Find a knowledgeable agent you can trust, that is the first key to a successful home purchase!

As a side note, instead of trying to steal this buyer from one of my fellow agents I did tell them that the agent they are working with has access to the same inventory I do and can also show her the home.  The buyer was happy to hear that, she obviously liked her agent and should stick with her. It may be a lost opportunity today but I believe doing the right thing ultimately always pays off.

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