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What Needs To Happen Before I Put My House On The Market?

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Wheatland Realty Agent Nicole Tudisco discusses action items needed before putting your home on the market.


The key word is “NEED” to do before you put your house on the market.  Below is a bullet list because I want these action items to come across as concisely as possible.  It is sooo important that your home looks it’s very best!  If you want top dollar in your area, you have to show like top dollar! This is the age of the VERY informed consumer. You won’t sneak anything past the buyers or their agents. I promise!

  • Replace the carpet and/or clean the carpets.  Worn or stained carpet needs to go. This is a maintenance item! Just like changing the oil on a car.
  • Mulch the yard if it’s the season, add flowers and trim bushes and trees. You should have clear paths to your door.
  • Make sure each room has a clear purpose. For example, your dining room shouldn’t be your toy room.  We want the functions of each area to be clear.
  • Paint but don’t paint white!  Call for color advice please!  Neutral warm colors like Hopsack from Lowes paint line is a great option.  I always choose an eggshell finish as well! No gloss please!
  • Fix what is broken.  Lots of times we put little things off but now is the time we need to button them up!
  • Clean your doors, door knobs and trim.  Make sure all trim pieces are in tack from baseboards to crown moldings.
  • Declutter  your home. Less is more in most cases! Start packing and clearing.  Fill your garage or unfinished basement to the hilt!
  • Depersonalize your home. Remove photos of family, etc.  Some are fine but let the buyer see themselves in your home, not you J Also remove children’s names from the wall for safety issues. Remember pictures and addresses are on the web!
  • Remove religious or political items. Remove any items that are potentially polarizing topics or issues showing your alliances. Religiously this can be tough but again we want the buyer to see themselves in your home.
  • Get rid of pet odors.  They kill house deals, please eliminate any odors!
  • Make sure your home is cleaned and picked up.  We often live in our homes much differently than when we have to sell it. It’s not convenient but it’s definitely necessary.

Remember you want to appeal to the largest group of buyers! Neutral yet warm and buttoned up is what your home needs to be for best possible results!

My best always!

Your Cure for the Common Realtor,