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Home Inspection Advice for Sellers

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Wheatland Realty Agent Nicole Tudisco gives advice to sellers on how to handle Home Inspections.


You’ve negotiated a great offer to sell your home and now it’s time for the home inspection.

Questions you may be asking yourself are: “What is the inspector going to find wrong with my home and what are the buyers going to ask for?” 

Keep in mind that inspections are both health and safety related. They shouldn’t be about small nicks and scratches or normal wear and tear.  After all it’s obviously not a new home. 

I have often heard of sellers getting a home inspection upfront before they market the home for sale and though you may find some real estate professionals who encourage this, I am not one of them. 

The reason being is two-fold.

First, you may be informed of issues you previously didn’t know about and now you will have to disclose this information to the buyer unless you fix it all. You certainly need to disclose any and all potential hazards you are aware of by law but I see no reason for you to dig up any more on your own.  

Second, the buyer is going to do their own inspection anyway and what if their inspector finds more or different items. I know we all want to believe that every inspector will discover all of the issues but they vary just like people do. Some are going to be more knowledgeable than others. So now you caused yourself two inspections instead of one. 

My last piece of advice is to be prepared that some buyers will ask for a laundry list of items just to see what they can get.  It’s not personal even though it feels that way.  I would suggest talking about it with your trusted real estate team for a sensible response. 

In case you need a home inspection referral for your next purchase here a couple we refer regularly!



Joel Dunwell


E-Mail: info@dunwellinspections.com



Paul Smerz

E-Mail: Paul@thepreferredinspectioncompany.com


If you have questions, please contact me.  

My best always!

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