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Should I Keep My Home For Sale Through the Holidays?

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Wheatland Realty Realtor Nicole Tudisco weighs the pros and cons of selling your home during the Holiday Season.


This time of year sellers and would-be-sellers are contemplating whether or not it makes sense to have their home for sale through the holidays.  Their other option is to wait until Spring.  In the world of real estate, February is the “start” of the early Spring market.  This is typically the hottest selling season in any calendar year.

 Let’s look at this two ways:

The UP side to selling your home during the holidays;

–          Inventory tends to be lower because a lot of people do come off the market or hold off for the Spring.  This can mean less competition for you! 

–          Not everyone celebrates the same holidays

–          Someone looking in the blizzards of winter or holidays must be serious and motivated buyers.  Let’s face it you only need one buyer and these are the kind of buyers you want!!

–          The décor of the home during holidays adds warmth to the home which is always a good thing when buyers tour the home


The DOWN side to selling your home during the holidays;

–          Hassle.  You can feel more inconvenienced than usual but remember getting a showing this time of year is usually a really serious buyer.

–          Additional market time that you think looks bad.  In truth, buyers realize just  as well as you do that December, January and part of February can be slow.

–          If you decorate like the Griswold’s , or let’s just say it’s a “little over the top“,  potential buyers could be more focused on your décor and not the home

All in all the choice is yours and only you know your situation and motivation to SELL. My advice … every buyer counts! Be available and let them in, you never know which one is going to write you an offer!


All My Best & Happy Holidays!

Nicole Tudisco, Managing Broker

Wheatland Realty