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Why should I use a Realtor if I’m building my home?

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Wheatland Realty Broker Tony Tudisco talks about why you need a Realtor even if you are building a new home.

I have been working with buyers for the past several months and showing them tons of properties. ….Lots of properties…. Unfortunately, we were not able to snag the right home.  It’s a tough buyers market, especially at certain price points.   My buyers decided to build a new home instead of purchasing an existing one.

They proceeded to almost make a huge mistake sign a contract to purchase & build a new home without a real estate agent. So many buyers think you don’t need an agent for new construction. 

They had already gone to the builder, selected a lot and model, picked the upgrades, and were ready to sign on the dotted line.  Luckily, they called to have me look over their choices.  I came out and met with the builder the next day.  A lot of things about their selections would have made it hard for my clients to sell their home in the future.  Choices like the lot and the upgrades are very critical for re-sale.  My buyers were really happy to have a professional unbiased opinion regarding their selections.  I made my recommendations, and they implemented all of them. The builders sales agent afterward told my buyers that she is not allowed to guide buyers but can say she 100% agreed with all my recommendations. They were under budget and getting a great home! 

I also strongly suggested they have their attorney look over the contract.  It never occurred to them to do that since it was a builder.  No matter who you are dealing with, you should always have an attorney review every real estate contract!

After we left the meeting, my buyers expressed that they were so grateful and relieved to have picked-up the phone and called me.  Sometimes the excitement of building your dream home is so exciting it’s hard to even know what adds the most value down the line.  That is where a real estate professional truly helps!

The moral of the story is to bring your Realtor to the builder with you!  Do not go without.  The best part is it’s free to you as the buyer, just like any real estate purchase, so why not take advantage of using your Realtor?

Here are a few tips if you are building a new home:

1. Choose a lot not backing to a road or commercial buildings 

2. Invest in floors and doors

3. Get a full basement vs a partial

Have a great start to your New Year!

Tony Tudisco