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Are you worried about buying a home on Well & Septic ? What you should know….

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Wheatland Realty Agent Nicole Tudisco hopes this blog post will help ease your mind when looking at homes on well and septic systems.

In the Western Suburbs from Naperville to Plainfield, Oswego to Yorkville and surrounding towns we have plenty of great homes with well and septic systems. If you’ve never been around them, they can be very intimidating or even just seem like a big hassle. As a buyer,  it could even deter you from making an offer. I admit I am a city girl myself so as an agent I had to learn myself. 


I contacted one of our home inspectors, Joel Dunwell with Dunwell Inspections, for some insight on well and septic maintenance and purchasing tips. Hopefully this can help you decide if it’s right for you. He even included a flyer he gives to his clients with the basics and how to maintain them, which you can download here:  Septic System Maintenance.

Joel says if systems are maintained (easy to do) then they will work great and should last many, many years. Mechanical systems require a little more maintenance/regular inspections but are typically compared to having your furnace/air conditioning systems maintained.


When purchasing, he does recommend having a septic contractor visually inspect the tank and potentially pumping the tank before closing on a home. As with any component of a home’s systems, if it has not been maintained, it could cost purchasers thousands of dollars. A qualified/licensed septic contractor evaluating the system, it will also provide confidence to a potential purchaser. I will add you can also often have the seller pay for this as part of your negotiated offer. 


If you have even more questions or would like more detail, I found a county in Michigan had this easy to read tidbit sheet I thought you would find useful as well.  Click on this link for more info:  Septic Maintainance You can also reach our to one of our well and septic contractors Fred with DW Well and Pump at 630-879-8555.

Have a great week!

Nicole and Tony Tudisco, Realtors