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Nicole did what??

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Wheatland Realty Agent Nicole Tudisco shares a story with an end result that was not expected.


Two weeks ago a new client called me to say they were ready to write an offer and list their home.  That’s like music to a real estate agent’s ears!!  I was at their home the next morning!  However, the meeting went far more differently than my clients expected.  Here’s an excerpt…. Me: “Mr. & Mrs. Client the home you want to buy is grossly over-priced compared to the other recent sales in the neighborhood, let me show you the numbers.  Here is another home very similar that is priced lower and still meets your needs.  Would you like to see that one first?”

 The end result of our meeting was that we wrote no offers, nor did they list their home for sale.  As a matter of fact, I gave them about $1000 worth of improvements that needed to be made before we listed their home for sale.  We also made plans to see the lower priced home.

This client fully expected to fill out 2 stacks of paperwork that day and I could have easily just done that. However, it wouldn’t have been the best thing for my client.

Generally speaking, we know it can be hard to trust salespeople.  Sometimes it does cross my mind when I need services that the salesperson is trying to take me for a ride.  I’ve certainly learned how to sniff out a few of those opportunistic people that are just looking to make a quick buck!  I truly hate that feeling!  If it’s one thing we live up to without fail, it’s doing the right thing when no one is looking every single time.  We will continue to be the exceptionally authentic, knowledgeable and professional Realtors for you and your family.

Nicole and Tony Tudisco