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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Real Estate

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Wheatland Realty Agent Nicole Tudisco offers some good advice to counter the bad advice she has heard over the years.

10 years of real estate has given us quite a bit of experience with various people, ideas, events and advice. We thought we’d share some of the worst ideas we’ve every heard when it comes to real estate.

Do a home inspection before you put your home on the market. The mentality is that you can fix everything and have nothing to worry about with the buyer at home inspection time. While that in theory sounds like a good plan, the truth is some inspectors will find items others won’t. So you could end up doing two rounds of corrections instead of one. You may be thinking that if you provide your home inspection report to the buyer they won’t do one themselves. We don’t know about you but I think most buyers would want to do their own inspection and choose their own inspector. Let’s face it, just like Realtors, all inspectors are not created equal.  Lastly, everything that is discovered from that inspection that you don’t fix, you now have to disclose upfront to buyers because you are now aware of the problem or defect. Prior to that you were unaware which is how you may have wished you stayed. We are NOT suggesting hiding anything but why would you go looking for problems. 
Paint the whole house white, neutralize it. We are selling a home, it’s personal, therefore we want to emit warmth. White is too sterile. We are not saying it won’t sell.  Obviously new construction sells everyday with white walls but if given a choice go for taupe, tans or muted tones. Second, color looks way better in photos. Do keep your ceilings white! 
Remove the furniture so it’s open and looks bigger. An empty room is not very appealing in person or in pictures. It also doesn’t lend the buyer any visualization for the intended use of the room. Buyers love to see ideas and arrangements of furniture and décor. Each room should not be over crowded and should be easily definable  i.e. bedroom, office, exercise room etc. 
Just offer a credit. So you need to carpet and paint in order to sell. Instead of getting the work done you can just offer a credit to the buyer. Now sometimes you have to do it but ideally you should grit your teeth and get the work done. You don’t want a buyer coming in thinking of all the work it will take to paint and carpet while they are also trying to move in. Doing it upfront will also give you a better negotiating position. When there is a lot of work to do in the home the buyer will emotionally and intellectually subtract way more off your selling price then what it would’ve cost you to just do it upfront. You want to negotiate from a position of power to earn top dollar. Unfortunately paint and carpet are maintenance items just like changing the oil on your car. Just get them done. 

Team Tudisco
Wheatland Realty
Tony and Nicole Tudisco, Realtors