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Memoir of a Boy & His Home

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Team Tudisco warmly invites you to fall in love with one of our newest listings: 1873 Marne Road, Bolingbrook, IL.  (MLS #08636768)

Below is a letter written by the owners’ son explaining why this house is more than just a home:

“This house, despite its youthful age, holds a lot of history for me and my family. It’s hard to believe that I spent 18 years here.

The deck you’ll walk on and where you’ll enjoy your family gatherings was built by the caring hands of family and neighbors rather than a company.   The fence around the back yard was built by three generations of men: my grandfather, my father, and me.

Back Yard-8

Growing up here was an absolute blast! Our friends lived in the houses you’ll see out the back door. We used the open area between all the yards to play football, wiffle ball, Frisbee, and many more games that kept kids like us entertained on those non-school days.

The house has undergone so many improvements and upgrades over the years, which is a testament to how much we truly made this house our home. It was also great to be in an area where we are so close to everything such as stores, jobs, highways, and the entertainment of three cities (Plainfield, Naperville, and Bolingbrook). Each city is within ten minutes in either direction.

I think of this house as a flower pot to our family, allowing us to grow into lifelong friendships with the surrounding neighbors.  It’s hard to part ways, but I guess one could say the flowers have outgrown their pot so it’s time to replant and grow in new ways.

It is my wish that you’ll make this house your home. I hope that you build memories and create your own history, just as we have done.”

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did!  For more pictures and information, please visit: 1873 Marne on YouTube

Best, as always-

Tony & Nicole Tudisco