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Attention Homebuyers AVOID The ” Yes, Yes, Yes Real Estate Agent “

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Team Tudisco from Wheatland Realty talks about one of the many things that makes them unique in the Real Estate business.

We know how anxious we all get when we are house hunting. A lot of buyers will find a home they think they love online and call whatever agent is on the sign. After all you want to see the home now right? Make no mistake we are all for customer service but in order to do that we have a commitment to being more than just a “Yes” agent. We think you should too!

Who is the Yes agent?

The Yes agent is the one who will drop everything and run blindly all over town with no strategy and thinks every home is a great home. We know you want to see homes immediately but think about the random agent you may be contacting on the internet. How much experience do they have in real estate? Don’t just take the first agent who will run and unlock a door for you.  You hardly need a real estate license to be qualified to unlock doors (though legally you need a license) . You want someone who will take the time to meet with you in their office and get an understanding of your needs as well as set the stage for what they can offer you as an agent. There should be an understood value in the expected outcome of your home search. If an agent doesn’t have standards and processes for their own business how will they help you or value your objectives?

Maybe every home is a great home but is it a great home for you? Is it the right home? How is it priced for the current market conditions? Are there any disadvantages to the purchase of the home? Another angle you should consider about the Yes agent is how effective you think they will be in negotiating your offer once you find the right home? Will they be a Yes agent there too?  If so, what do you think that will ultimately cost you? 

Moral of the story

Tony and I can’t tell you the amount of times we have had to say to buyers  “Here are some challenges we see with the purchase of this home….”  or find that the is very overpriced.  We are not “Yes” agents. We don’t always tell you what you want to hear because it may not be the truth. The truth may be the house hunt needs to continue and we are ok with that because we want you to find the right home.

Our goal is that our client’s are armed with all the information they need to make their best decisions. We want them to determine if the advantages outweigh the challenges within the scope of their search criteria when buying.  We do what makes the most sense for our clients even when other approaches might net us higher dollars or quicker commissions. Just one more reason why we call “Team Tudisco your cure for the common realtor.”  

Nicole & Tony