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Slimy Negotiator

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A negotiation I will never forget is when the sellers’ agent said to me “let’s just get this done, we both just want to get paid right?”Slimy

We were helping one of our clients move into a new home, they had lived in the area previously, moved out of state and came back.  I sent an offer to the sellers’ Realtor to start the negotiation process.  The sellers’ agent responded to our offer by saying “let’s just get this done, we both just want to get paid right?”

It is the job of the listing agent (the Realtor representing the seller) to work in the best interest of the seller.  Tony and I know that sellers want the most money in the least amount of time and buyers want to spend the least amount of money for most features and amenities.

How would you feel if you were the seller and your agent called me saying he was just interested in closing so he could receive his paycheck?

Sadly, the seller would never know what their agent said to me.  I called my buyer and said the listing agent may be more on our side since his motivation seems to be for his personal gain.  As we strategized our counters we wanted to keep in mind he would probably be pushing his client for us.  I negotiated for my buyer as hard as they would allow me to.

Our clients were thrilled with the final terms of the negotiations and thanked us many times over.  Helping our clients is truly the best the best feeling.

Negotiations are a key factor when buying and selling real estate.  You’re experience is only as good as the agent you hire.  We are always honest and put our clients’ needs first.


Nicole & Tony