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Selling Your Vacant Home

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Moving out of your current home before selling it has definite benefits. 

• The biggest is that you don’t have to be ready to show your house on a moment’s notice
• Or worrying about being “show ready” 24/7! When you have children this may feel especially exhausting!

For all the perks of moving out first remember these true stories of vacant home listings.

A home we sold where this could have been a major disaster. A couple hours after one of the viewings of the home it was discovered that the basement bar sink had been left on with a closed drain and the sink began to overflow. Top that off with the fact that the new Pergo floors were just installed in the last year this was the beginning of a potential disaster. Luckily the seller had a plan in place for the home to be checked on by a neighbor after each showing. I followed up the agent who showed the home it turned out one of the children must have turned on the faucet without the agent or parents knowing. Could you imagine if this had gone overnight or even a couple days? It absolutely freaks me out to even think of it.

Team Tudisco

There are two stories here… keep an eye on small children better if you are doing the house hunting and as a seller assume the worst and have a plan in place to check on the home after each showing. Wheatland Realty has a system that automatically sends notifications of the day and time of each showing to the seller, us the agents and whoever the seller designates to check on the home. This makes it much more hassle free instead of constantly trying to coordinate.