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Top 3 Worst Negotiation Lines

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Would you be upset if your agent said this to the sellers’ agent during the presentation of your offer?

1. Can you please get your seller to accept this offer! I just can’t take these buyers out to another home!
2. Let’s just get this done so we can both just get paid.
3. My clients counter is $X but I think I can get them up to $X amount ultimately.

Whether an agent agrees with the offer or not it’s our job to support any decision you make. After all it’s your money and you are the one who is going to live there. Not to mention everyone wants to get the best deal and it’s our job as your buyers agent to do everything we can do accomplish it. Not once have Tony or I ever said anything of the sort in a negotiation for any of our clients. We may have advised our client differently in private but the other side will never know and that is what “representing” means. Choosing an agent is about integrity and expertise anyone can unlock a door.

All our best to you!
Nicole and Tony