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Crossing the Line

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We had just listed a house and were getting a lot of traffic on the home. During one showing the agent realized he knew my client by a photo. Keep in mind this agent is working for the buyer not the seller. While he was in the home he called the seller to say hi and that he was showing his home.  I am not going to even get into the part about how that right here is against rules and regulations because it gets better. Our client didn’t tell us this happened. They didn’t want to rock the boat and heck maybe his clients were going to buy the home. 

 A few days later the same agent called my client again to set up a 2nd showing of the home. This is starting to get egregious and we are still unaware but the seller wanted the buyer to see the home. The seller made the decision to call me when the agent started telling him that he would get his clients to buy the home. At that point my client felt uncomfortable and came to me with the information.

 In the end those buyers didn’t buy the home, someone else did, but how would you feel if you were the buyer and your agent was doing that? Where is the integrity and transparency? As agents we are entrusted with our clients’ biggest asset and it’s our job to negotiate the best possible terms on their behalf. Not just get the deal done.

There is just no price on transparency and integrity!