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Give More Thought to Your Real Estate Attorney Selection

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We have so many bad real estate attorney stories we can hardly choose just one.

So we want to say upfront…

Please, Please, Please make sure the attorney you select focuses on real estate!

Here are our top Worst Attorney Situations (None of these were from anyone we refer)

1. Sellers attorney didn’t know the husband had passed away till he got to closing. He also discovered the married couple didn’t file the deed Tenants in the Entirety which would make the full ownership of the property go to the surviving spouse. So instead at my buyers closing the attorney had to find the 2 children who had writes to the property to get waivers as well of a host of other technicalities that I don’t completely understand. Surprise expenses to the seller and an additional hour and a half added to our closing duration. Our client was covered!

2.We sold a townhome that had fallen behind on association dues so far that the lender for the buyer  was not be able to move forward with the loan. The sellers’ attorney  did nothing to support us and their client through the battle with the homeowners association who was dragging their feet to help us. The attorney this client chose was a referral from a family members they used several times over the years. By the time the attorney decided to participate it was too late. Team Tudisco took care of it, we got them a NEW buyer and a NEW attorney. Everything worked out in the end! 

 5 Real Estate Attorney Questions To Ask

1. Is real estate your primary focus?
2. What is your typical response time for review and inspection requests?
3. What is a typical response time I should expect for our correspondence?
4. If you are a seller ask what the title fees will be at closing as well as the attorney fee. As a Buyer the title fees don’t apply.
5. How many years have you been doing real estate legal work?

It’s easy to have a great attorney when the transaction is smooth but what if something goes wrong? That’s why you need someone with experience! We have a resource for just about every situation. Remember your experience is only as good as the individual you hire!

There is just no price on transparency and integrity!

Team Tudisco Attorney Referrals

Kelly Helland
The Law Office of Dan Kramer
1107A South Bridge Street
Yorkville, IL. 60560
Phone: 630-553-9500 Fax: 630-553-5764

Dean Kleronomos
Lorenzini & Associates, Ltd.
2679 U.S. Route 34
Oswego, IL. 60543
Office Phone: 630-554-1920 Office Fax: 630-554-1682