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Top 7 Final Walk Through Fiascos

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When you buy a home the day before or morning of closing day the buyer and their agent walk through the home to make sure it’s intact. You are making sure the sellers didn’t put any holes in the wall, that all the items that go with the house are there and even check for any seller repairs that you can visually inspect.

Here are our top 7 fiascos…

1. Toilet sprung a leak when doing a flush check on walk through! Fixed before close was over.
2. Windy day coupled with garbage day made a very bad visual for the buyer walking up to the home!
3. Movers removed the washing machine two hours before walk though and water wouldn’t turn off!
4. Desk strategically placed over a dark spot on the floor but was really noticeable once the room was empty. By the way the desk was the only item in the room.
5. Client bought a short sale and left behind a lovely mattress in the garage. No recourse on a short sale they had to dispose of it on their own. Yuck!
6. Another short sale seller left their monster truck on the front lawn. Buyer was hoping to keep it! LOL
7. House was vacant except for their whip and camcorder on the top shelf of the master bedroom closet. Hmmm