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When It Rains It Pours

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One of our lucky clients was just two weeks away from closing had come home to water coming into the garage. This is after repairing an icemaker on their fridge for $200. The first thought was the roof, since it was a townhome maybe the association would cover the repair.

It turned out to be the water heater installed above garage was leaking. Water heaters are not cheap, installed on the lower end probably about $600 now on top of it that was a Friday night. Last thing you want is an emergency call but it’s leaking, it’s cold outside and it’s causing drywall damage as well. There was really no choice.

My client remembered that we provide a free sellers home warranty and reached out. It’s good for just about everything except furnaces and air conditioners. I gave her the phone number for the service and they came out the same night and replaced the water heater all for $100. She had to pay a little extra because it was after hours but what a value! Saved them hundreds of dollars. The drywall was dried and repaired like new. No closing day trouble just happy sellers!

I would also take note that these home warranties can be a savior as a buyer. If you are the buyer you can purchase a year warranty for about $400 and they can be worth their weight in gold!