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Should I Keep My Home For Sale Through the Holidays?

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Every year the topic comes up with sellers on whether they will keep the home for sale through the holidays.  You might be surprised to hear there can be some real benefits to having your home for sale during the holidays.

Less Competition

It is common for people to take their home off the market or not put it up for sale so there will be less competition for you. Now there will also be fewer buyers in the market but if you are off the market you have zero chance of selling your home.  Homes do sell all year long! If you wait till Spring you will be up against a huge onset of homes for sale.

More Serious Buyers

Another perk is that if your buyer is house hunting in 2 feet of snow or bitter cold they are very serious and need to move! Tire kickers as I might call them aren’t typically going to casually house hunt in a blizzard.  These buyers probably need to make a decision quickly as well. You just have to be ready to move!

Holiday Décor Shows Beautifully

A home decorated for the holidays adds a layer of warmth and comfort. Buyers are very visual so the more inviting the room the better! The goal is to pique their interest! The smell of cinnamon sticks and warm sugar cookies won’t hurt either.

The biggest worry of all is will I get less money for my home?

I am a firm believer in market value. Your home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. I know there is less demand but remember there is also less inventory and more serious buyers. There is no reason why you can’t get a great price for your home in the winter/holiday months!

All our best,

Nicole & Tony Tudisco

Wheatland Realty

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