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Real Estate Agents Who Don’t Call Back… Ever!

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I think this is an ongoing complaint I hear from people in general when it comes to real estate agents. We just don’t call back. I think this is most common when buyers call off the internet asking about properties. Especially on rentals. When I call some of these inquiries back they often thank me for returning their call profusely! I know a lot of calls we get from the internet are buyers who are not yet pre-approved and are just window shopping. These people will probably call a dozen agents over the next few months just doing research. So the likelihood that the agent will get anything out of it is slim and when you work on 100% commission you tend to want the “ready now” prospect. 

 I think what we miss as agents is we are in the people business. People buy and sell homes with a lot of emotion tied to it. It is where we lay our heads at night and raise families. Second, we have a responsibility to our clients to call ALL inquiries back no matter how unlikely it will result in selling the home. You never know where the right buyer will come from and once you add emotion it’s even more unpredictable. 

 I think the worst offense I ever encountered was when I found a home in our service that was in TEMP status which means temporarily off the market. This can often mean it will be coming back on and it the home matched exactly what my buyer was looking for. I reached out to the listing agent to see when the home might become available again. Tony and I must have made 3-5 attempts to get this agent to call us back before we got a response. I had even said we have a cash buyer who is ready to purchase but could wait, we just want to see the home! My client did end up getting the home but the measures we had to go though and lack of communication was astonishing to us. Maybe there was something on the back end I didn’t know about but the agent should be helping the sale not hurting it. If I had a hard time imagine how hard it would be for an internet prospect to get any information let alone buy it. 

 Leave no stone un-turned , call them ALL Back!