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Real Estate Hiccups! Showing Your Home

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Let me share a real life local experience I had last week

I am waiting to view a home with my clients but another agent is ahead of me. While I am waiting for him to lock up he notices me he just offers me the key to the home. I offered him a business card so he knew who he was handing the key off to but he declined. He just asked if I was a Realtor. I said yes and gratefully for that homeowner I am but I could have been anyone!

Scary right! So what should you as a seller do? One option you think is to be home for all your showings but honestly that makes the buyer uncomfortable. That is the last thing you want.

Here are my tips:

1. Do not approve overlapping showings. The only downfall to this is when buyers see other buyers looking at the same house it can generate more interest and urgency. However, that benefit is not worth the safety of your home. The best homes sell in any market.

2. If you do allow for an overlapping appointment do so when you can be home and watch the house either from a neighbor or in a car across the street. Try not to be obvious but keep an eye on the house.

3. Last but not least, be sure that the agent you work with uses a Realtor lockbox not a combo box. The Realtor box needs a type of ATM card to access. The combo box is just that a code that can float around. If that code gets into the wrong hands anyone would have access to your house at any time!
All agents are not created equal. Be sure you are working with experienced, full time real estate professionals. I don’t care what company/brokerage you are with the quality of your experience is only as good as the individual agent you hire.