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The Dark Side of the Closing Table

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We had an interesting closing experience recently. Most closings are actually all pretty interesting but let me tell you what happened.

The choosing was going well and the buyers who were my clients were very excited to get their keys to their new home. About half way through the listing agent arrives which is totally fine. The buyers need to be there more than the sellers and/or the sellers’ agent. Small talk ensues between the sellers’ agent, the buyers and me all is moving along slow but sure.

Then all of the sudden the listing agent announces to my buyers that the sellers replaced the sliding glass door because someone tried to break in. Can I tell you the look of horror on my clients face? Imagine how you might feel. Thankfully the story continued, because the sellers’ agent saw the fear in my clients’ faces that they wanted to run! It turned out to be some teenagers causing trouble who were caught and they threw a rock at the patio door. Not even really sure they really were even looking to steal anything as it was a vacant home.

Believe me, I wanted my clients to know if something was wrong. I could find them a new home, no problem.

What if what the listing agent said made my buyer walk away from the closing table? I think the seller would be pretty upset don’t you?

There is more to choosing an agent then just price and marketing. It’s the behind the scenes you need to think about as well. The person you choose is the person working on your behalf! Are they working in your best interest?

Team Tudisco believes our clients’ best interest is our best interest, even if no one is around to witness it. We will have your back for the entire process and even after the keys cross the table!