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The Devil is in the Details!

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We were working with a first time home buyer and came across a home they liked but the MLS showed it only had a one car garage; they were looking for a two car garage.

When we arrived to show the home we realized it in fact was a two car garage. The agent had actually made a mistake on all of the marketing material. Tony and I were in absolute disbelief because the home had been for sale for several months and we could only imagine how many potential leads these sellers missed out on prior to us showing the home.

This wasn’t just a simple mistake like there is no washer and dryer in the home or there is carpet and not hardwood in the living room. This is what we would call a “limiting search factor”. In our 12 years of real estate almost all of our clients ask for a two car garage so to mistype that could have had substantial impact on the available opportunities in the market. Ultimately this glitch was a gain for our buyers. We had less competition and the sellers had been on the market for a while so we were also able to leverage that in negotiations.

On top of that the listing agent also did not indicate any of the appliances being included with the sale of the home. That could be a large expense to a buyer if they had to purchase all new appliances prior to moving in.

The listing agent went on to make a handful of other minor mistakes that just made us shake our heads in disbelief.

Lately we have been talking to you about the “behind the scenes” of real estate and here it is again!

Tony and I have a system of checks and balances within in our process to avoid situations like this from happening to our clients. Errors like these can harm sellers from reaching the most buyers in their market. After 12 years and an average of 50 to 55 deals a year we think we have a lot of variations covered from our expertise. It’s this attention to details and process that sets us apart from our competition.

When you interview agents to sell your home keep in mind the backside of real estate because the Devil is in the Details!