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Bare Minimum To Get By? No Way!

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Tony and I had an experience recently we wanted to share with you about a client’s recent home buying transaction.
We negotiated a great deal on a new home for our buyers. The home had been on the market for some time and started at a list price of over $500,000. After several price reductions and lots time on the market we came in with an aggressive offer and  the sellers agreed.  About 6 days into the transaction after our buyers got their home inspection completed the sellers received an offer for $25,000 above our offer.
Not to get too far into real estate law but once a seller is under contract you can’t back out of a contract over price.  Now that doesn’t mean the sellers’ attorney won’t try as theirs certainly did to cut and run! This deal was about to turn into a litigation/legal nightmare.  Over the course of a couple weeks with one of our amazing attorneys and a fantastic rapport between Tony, myself and the listing agent our buyers were able to keep the house they loved so much. 
This was a great example of what a team of true professionals can achieve.  If we had been passive agents this may not have come together.
It is one thing to be a licensed real estate agent it’s a whole other thing to be a quality real estate professional.  We work for our clients’ best interest period.  
Who do you want on your team for your next sale or purchase?  We hope you will consider us!